Vision and Learning Checklist

Current research shows that about 20% of school-aged children have undetected vision problems which are hindering their school performance. Many of these children have passed their school's vision screening, which is only designed to check children's distance vision as measured by the 20/20 line on the eye chart. Unfortunately, school screenings aren't equipped to check for other important visual skill, especially skills children use for close-up activities such as reading.  For example, school screenings don't check to see if children can coordinate both their eyes as a team, track print across a written page without losing their place, or comfortably adjust focus when looking from near to far away. Children can have 20/20 eyesight, meaning normal distance vision, and still have vision problems in other areas. 

Children who are struggling with undetected vision problems often fail to progress well in school. The following is a checklist of symptoms that may signal a vision problem that may be related to your child’s learning progress.  If 5 or more of these apply to your child, then a comprehensive binocular vision evaluation by our office is indicated.

 Checklist of Common Symptoms

Children with vision-based learning problems may . . .